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Reborn & Tsuna
Just a blog, for all the fans of this awesome couple

沈丁花 五月 - Don’t forget to visit the author’s page to enjoy more art!

6 months ago
Anonymous asked : Chaos! -laughs- Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that the posts on here complete my life. All the R27 yumminess. Mmmmm. Oh, and there is a cute fanic called 30 moments, by ToraTsuin?

Ciaossu! Hehehe and really? That’s make me happy~ 

Thanks for the fanfic recomendation! I’m reading it now and they’re short chapters but pretty cute! You can read it if you want! :) - 30 precious moments by ToraTsuin 


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A Not so Forbidden Love Story

I was wondering if it was fine if I just suggested this.

Of course it’s fine! Any contribution it’s always fine.

Another suggestion of a fanfic! You can give it a try if you haven’t read it! :)